EGG Photo 3600 lens is the simplest way to create 360 Degree virtual tours Images

EGG Photo 360 degree lens allows you to create virtual tour in an easy way, without stitching! This lens is perfect for real estate, hotels, tourism, showcasing car and travel.
This Pack consists of durable lens, lightweight and user-friendly software, which allows viewers to transform digital images into life-like multimedia experiences. “Pan, tilt, links, and digital zoom” capabilities are built right into the software. EGG Solution Inc. provides the “EGG Photo360” pack to the public, non-professional photographers, and all companies wishing to develop their virtual tours activities with new presentation applications.
EGG Photo 360 degree virtual tours panoramic lens Pack enables you to create your own 360 degree virtual tours in no more than a single shot! No additional fees, no keys, no plug-in to install
You will really like the ease in which virtual tours can be taken. A lot of time is not wasted in taking multiple pictures and then stitching them together later. One click of the camera and youre done. It is very easy to download the pictures to make an album to load on our web site too.
As Easy As 1-2-3! No Need for Third Party Help, No Stitching!
This “EGG Photo 360 degree lens” Compatible with numerous cameras from the most prestigious brands like Agfa, Canon, Casio, Epson, Fuji, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony and Toshiba.
Simple Introduction EGG solutions:
EGG Solution has efficiently established its corporate brand over the last ten years all over the world. EGG Solution name as well has the associated product and services families are now well established in many business areas such as Video surveillance, Real Estate Industry, Communication, Broadcast and streaming market. Check out the history of all those fascinating brands which have made EGG Solution’s solid reputation over the world.
When you refer to 360 degree imaging tools, all experts immediately recognize EGG Solution’s smart and power full technology: the ONLY technology that enable to generate 360 degree panoramas from a single shot!
Our EGG Photo 360 degree virtual tours panoramic lens presentation received accolades at the last National Realtors Association Conference & Exposition at Chicago in November 2001. Many visitors to our booth and potential customers, including realtors and web agencies, were delighted by our solution, which also won the famous Clarity Award. Thanks to our 360 solution, companies and real-estate agents will be able to offer more affordable and added-value solutions to their customers!

Camera Lens and How to Take Care of Them

The camera lens is one of the most important parts of a camera, the image quality will ultimately depend on the lens quality. There is no such thing as the perfect camera lens because each lens has its advantages and disadvantages. Standard lens has those with a length of 50mm, the most used format. All SLR cameras come with interchangeable lens, perfect to replace this lens for the other for that particular photo.

When shopping for more lenses for your camera keep an eye on some technical definitions. The aperture is the maximum amount of light that the lens allow to pass through the sensor and the smaller this number is, the more light will pass through the sensor the better the image will be. The perfect number is one but that is not possible yet. The best around is 1.2 but that’s not necessary for the average user, above 2 and even three is good enough for a good picture.

The next feature to consider is the focal length, if you use a telephoto lens you will be prone to take blurred images because focusing on distant objects increases the movement sensitivity. The wide angle is perfect to photograph nature because you can capture more field than with the telephoto lens, each lens has its own advantage and no lens is perfect for all situations.

There is another characteristic you must pay attention to which is the zoom. A lens with no zoom is not able to approximate distant objects to you so a zoom lens is the ideal pick here. A zoom of 3x is more than enough for the home user. Fixed lens come with the advantage of possessing more image brightness than zoom lens.

Camera lens will be as good as the protection you give to them and an SLR camera lens is such an investment. It will be scratched without proper care and once scratched there is no way to fix it, you will need to buy a new one to have high quality pictures again. You can fully protect it by buying a camera hood for each lens you have. They are so cheap it makes no sense not to have one for each and does wonders to help protect the lens. This will protect the lens if the camera falls down absorbing some shock and to take damage in case something sharp collides with the lenses. Another way is to purchase a filter, the best protection move you can make for your camera lens.

The filter is placed between the lens and the rest of the world so you guessed it, the filter will protect the lens from UV rays, from scratches and pretty much anything else. Finally use the camera lens cap, some people have it but do not use it, which is so wrong. The cap will ensure that nothing will be able to damage the lens, except a big fall.

Wildlife Travel India – Breathtaking experience

India is not only renowned for its pilgrimage or historical monuments but it is also elevated for its rare of the rarest wildlife in the world. It is an attractive wildlife destination with around 80 national parks and 441 wildlife sanctuaries that offer much more than the patient waiting. From teeming insects colonies to majestic elephant herds that make India is a veritable animal lovers paradise. If you want to see the National Animal of India i.e. Tiger, there is no better place than the Corbett National Park, Sunderbans and Kanha National Park.

The incredible feature of these wonderful conservatories of exotic wildlife is that they are home to the largest number of tigers and the largest number of one-horned rhinoceros in the world, as well as the almost extinct Asiatic Lion, and a large percentage of the total elephant population! And these particular animal species are but a part of more than 500 species of mammals, over 2000 species of birds, over 500 species of reptiles and amphibians and around 30000 species of insects.

The wildlife safaris are also an exhilarating way to have fun in the presence of wildlife animals as you get an opportunity to not only watch the animals but also get to photograph them from close quarters. Come face to face with a sloth bear or a wild hyena, feel the thrill of photographing a wild lion on the prowl and experience an Indian jungle safari on an India Wildlife Tour. Wildlife Travel in India offers unforgettable adventure tours and nature tours to India. Tour India, a land of natural beauty and wonder with exciting India Travels.

India provides some outstanding wildlife tours which cover some attractive Indian wildlife destination. Through your Indian wildlife tour packages, you would be covering several wildlife destinations which would include Rajasthan, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and many more. This tours offers excitement, thrill, fun, frolic and much more. If you want to explore the unexplored wildlife of the north east, all the more better.

Enjoy a variety of jungle activities, also taking photographs, camel, elephant and jeep safari to go round the national parks, is amongst one of the options. If you a real enthusiast who would rather love to shoot a tiger, but with your camera lens; follow the trail of wild elephants; chase elegant gazelles and bucks through forest floors; go on a date with the celebrity of Indian wildlife, Royal Bengal Tiger; step and sojourn in the territory of un tamed Indian wildlife reserves. We have listed some of the famous wildlife travel packages for you to unveil. Indian Wildlife is definitely to give you lifelong memories.

So get ready to explore the special birds and wildlife of India. Do you want to fight with your fear? Dont you have heart to glare in the eyes of tiger from the distance of few inches? If you have guts, so this is the right time to approach to India. Come with us and search your destination according to your choice.

Learn More About Nikon Camera Lens

Founded in 1917 as Japan Optical Industries and later renamed The Nikon Corporation the makers of Nikon cameras very suggested by the two amateurs and experts supply a sizable assortment of cameras and lenses ranging from less expensive ones to the high finish goods.

Most customers are inclined to buy a Nikon camera which comes with a kit including a Nikon camera lens. The lens supplied allows the buyer to have began with taking excellent quality images and would be a multipurpose Nikon digital camera lens.

A good and appropriate digital camera lens is essential to a high quality image and every Nikon digital camera lens includes a various set of different features.

One particular of the several functions on the Nikon camera lens could possibly be the Tremendous Integrated Coating which contains numerous layers of coating which aid to lessen flares and ghosting in the photos. A Nikon camera lens could also possess the VR feature which is a Vibration Reduction technology to help attain a a lot more stable shot with minimum blur despite a camera shake. This technological innovation in a Nikon digital camera lens enables a sharp image despite reduced light and even windy climate situations. An additional characteristic of a Nikon camera lens could possibly be the Inner Focusing which implies that when focusing the optical movements take place in the Nikon lens barrel and will not need the movement of the barrel itself. Because an IF Nikon camera lens does not transform size during Automobile concentrate operation its a feature which permits the lens to get one thats compact and lightweight.

As with most other manufacturers there is a specific Nikon Camera Lens to match a photographers each requirement. Digital camera Lenses are often categorized into two principal types autofocus lenses and manual lenses.

The Autofocus lenses which are the a lot more wellliked ones contain a wide variety some of which are closeup wideangle normal and telephoto lens.

The newest addition towards the close up Nikon Camera Lens range could be the AFS DX Micro NIKKOR 85mm f3.5G ED VR which was just introduced this month and consists of crucial features this kind of as Internal emphasis and Silent Wave Motor which allows for quick and peaceful autofocus. The wide angle Nikon digital camera lens permits the photographer to get images that contain a wider angle of view than human vision and features a quick focal duration and the Nikon range has about eight distinct lenses of this sort. The fisheye broad angle lens can be a wellliked favorite with many since it enables for any image angle of around 180 degrees and even more.

General an original Nikon digital camera lens sells in between 115 to 3200.