Get Your Squidoo Lens Ranked High By Google With These Blog Commenting Secrets

A Squidoo Lens is an excellent internet marketing tool that search engines live. Discover these blog commenting secrets for getting your Squidoo lens ranked high in the search engines including Google.

The best kind of links are one way links coming IN to your website where there is no reciprocal links going OUT.

Commenting on other people s blogs is the best way to get good incoming links to your own website. Find blogs in your niche or industry that high ranking, meaning they have a PR value of 8. To find blogs with a PR8, type: Your keyword plus blogspot into Google. You should find a blog comment on the first page of Google to a PR8 blog.

But make sure that the blog allows follow links. If they do not allow follow link, then having a comment on that blog will still bring your traffic, but it won t help with getting your lens ranking.

Always make sure your comments are relevant to the post, and never post the exact same thing twice.

Make sure that you leave a link to your lens with the comment. There is usually a website field for that link. You will get the best results when you use an html tag with anchor text that matches your primary keyword for that lens.

Another trick is to find .org and .gov blogs in your industry and leave comments on those blogs. Google will add a lot of weight to those links coming into your lens! Follow the same rules as above.

As an alternative to blog commenting, try forum posting. Find a forum in your niche and one that you resonate with. You will be spending some time there, so you might as well enjoy the people and topics of discussion. Most forums will require you to register at which time you can set up your signature with a link back to your lens.

Always make sure in all your blog commenting and forum posting that you provide value to the blog readers. Because if you are going to post unnecessary comments on the forum posting, the owner of the forum might probably delete what you have posted there. Or they might find your post a spam. To make sure that your post does not look like a spam, make sense of it as well. That way, you can assure that you can get some traffic from the readers.


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Pregnancy photos

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Bring Perfection To Your Photos With SLR Digital Cameras

The digital cameras have made photography automatic. Except for clicking the pictures, almost all the features are well set behind the camera. Still there are many people who like to take photos in the traditional ways, they like to control the things themselves and want to have the manual control over photography. Mainly the professional photographers look for such cameras. The SLR digital cameras are the best options for them. In this type of digital cameras some of the minute traits which are the specialties of photography can be well controlled by the photographers.

The SLR digital cameras, also known as Single Lens Reflex cameras, are the most widely used cameras especially by professional photographers. The best thing about them is their flexibility to change the lenses. In other type of cameras this facility is not available. In SLR cameras you can change the lenses according to your need and according to the requirements. There are some models in the SLR cameras in which you can even use very old lenses. You can use various types of lens like basic lens, wide angled lens or even general lens.

Next thing which is commendable about SLR digital cameras is the flexibility to control the flash. Yes! In these cameras you can even control the flash light which contributes to an important factor of good photography. For prominent and clear pictures it is important that the flash light should be adjusted as such so that it goes well with environment and background. Apart from the lens and flash there are other features too that can be controlled manually in the DSLR cameras. Even the zoom of the camera can be controlled in this one which is another important factor of good pictures.

You can also control the file size and the shutter speed thus giving more prominence to your photos. With so many amazing features it is hard to miss out on this one. Initially investing on SLR digital cameras might not seem to be a good idea but if you have a knack for photography and want to develop photos in your own way then definitely this one is the best option for you. At the initial stages of its use, you may find it a bit difficult but when you learn to control the features then the perfection in your clicks can be seen clearly in your photos.

On an overall view, investing on SLR digital cameras is not a bad idea at all since with time they bring perfection to your pictures.

Tips for buying your digital camera

When you calculate the real price of a camera and compare to your other options make sure that you take the following into account:

Memory card: Most cameras come with a basic low capacity memory card. Assess how much memory you will need and check the prices of such memory cards. Add that to the cameras cost.

Batteries: Check what batteries the camera uses and what batteries are included. Also check what the estimated battery life is. For example you probably need to buy an extra battery if your photo sessions are longer than the battery life. Check for the prices of compatible batteries and add it to the cameras cost.

PC connectivity: The most common methods of connectivity are USB and plugging the cameras memory card directly to the PC. Check if the camera includes the necessary cables and software. If it does not check the prices of buying the needed accessories and add that to the cameras cost.

Carrying case: Most cameras do not include a carrying case. If you will need a carrying case check for the prices of carrying cases that can fit your camera and add that cost to your cameras cost.

Lenses: Some cameras allow you to change lenses. Other cameras actually come without lenses at all you just buy the cameras body and get the lenses separately. Check what lenses are included with the camera and if you will need to buy lenses shop around for their prices. Lenses can be very expensive. Add the cost to the cameras cost.

In conclusion there are many things to consider when purchasing your next digital camera. It is important to understand what the different camera features practically mean to you. It is very easy to be tempted to get something just because of the ease of comparison or the hype in the market. The Mega pixels feature is a good example it is easy to compare this number and see which camera has more pixels. But in terms of photo quality there are many other factors like the lenses, the type of sensor and more. Do your homework by checking for prices online and in stores. Build a table of prices and features. Make the table relevant to you. Dont compare features that you do not care about they are just going to confuse you. Evaluate the true cost of owning the camera including all the accessories and addition costs.