Hero Honda Passion Pro Reliable Bike For Indian Roads

Remember Hrithik Roshan in the movie dhoom-2, blazing roads on his sleek bike? If you happen to be a bike fanatic, then you must have ridden Hero Honda bikes. Hero Honda company was established out of a joint venture between Hero group of India and Honda motor company of Japan in 1983. Since its Inception, the automobile group has earned a distinct name for manufacturing fuel efficient, low cost and high value bikes worldwide. The companys one of the earliest models Hero Honda Splendor is a household name in India.

For style, speed and performance crazy bike enthusiasts, Hero Honda recently introduced the all new Hero Honda Passion Pro bikes. The bike hit Indian markets with a huge bang. Let us discuss various features of this new offering from Hero Honda and explore the reasons behind its huge success.

Hero Honda Passion Pro features

Hero Honda passion Pro looks sporty and is sturdy enough to ride on the Indian roads. The bike is equipped with solid alloy wheels with a wheelbase of 1235.00 for sound grip on roads. Hero Honda Passion Pros powerful 97.2 cc, air cooled, 4 stroke single cylinder gives it excellent pick up and around 60-70 mileage in normal conditions. Other than these features, Hero Honda Passion Pro offers power start, stylish visor with black tinted widescreen & clear lens indicator. The bike is decorated with stylish new generation graphics and is available is available in 6 colors such as vibrant blue, force silver, black and sports red, sports red, palace maroon and black and frost blue. Thus, Hero Honda Passion Pro bike comes with lot of technical specifications and can deliver high performance in both rural as well as urban locations. Hero Honda Passion Pro prices start from 46,526 in India.

Other than attractive features, the bike requires very low maintenance and has high resale value. Hero Honda Passion pro has gained high popularity compared to other products in the same segment as highly reliable and durable bike. In case, buying new bike is one your mind, you can rely on this new offering from Hero Honda.

Tokina 16-28 Review – Superb Wide Angle Lens For Full Frame And Cropped Sensor Dslr

Tokina has been known to be a maker of the world’s finest lens for SLR and DSLR cameras and this year they have reached another level with this Tokina 16-28 lens. This lens is available for use on Nikon and Canon cameras.

First off, the Tokina 16-28 is cost effective compared to both Canon or Nikon lens in the same league. The Nikon 14-24mm model cost nearly double than that of the 16-28mm. The Canon 16-35mm also follows the same patter here.
Not many other lens exceed the quality of the Tokina 16-28mm. The lens is made for for the Full Frame DSLR user, mainly aimed to compete with both Canon’s and Nikon’s camera lens.

The 16-28mm is also Tokina’s first wide-angle lens produced for the Full Frame DSLR at the time of this writing. They also make a dedicated one called the Tokina 11-16 lens.

Nearly every aspect of photography is encompassed in this lens. Sharpness, contrast, distortion, vignetting, and chromatic aberration are all controlled extraordinarily by the lens, giving the user complete control of photography.
It is also made well, feels solid and professional, as a professional grade lens should feel. This lens will stand extreme weather and environment condition. Many professional photographers who are on assignment will surely benefit from this feature.

Very few downsides exist with the 16-28mm lens. First off, there is no filter, which can be argued to be the greatest flaw of the lens, but even so, users can live without filters.

There is also no image stabilization, which again, is not a huge issue. Because this is a wide angle lens with wide aperture, the lack of an image stabilization feature is not a problem. Lastly, it is heavy, which is contributed to it being well made and feeling solid.

Price is the main factor that should be considered when purchasing this lens, which only cost around half for both the Nikon and the Canon equivalent. You can easily get the same quality as the Nikon or Canon equivalent for just half the cost of this lens.

Overall though, this is a fantastic lens that can be used by any user, and it will satisfy any landscape photographer. Although this is a solidly well made lens, do remember to always take care of your lens.
By doing so, you will get more years out of your lens and will be able to enjoy photography more with it.

Capture Meaningful Moments With Ipad Mini Lens

Its very awkward to shoot pictures with a 10 inch tablet. Thats why Samsung and other Android tablets manufacturers never take much serious about this function. However, with a gripable and pocketable design, the 7.9 iPad Mini seems to be an ideal device to capture pictures outside equipped with the 5-megapixel isight camera, which is the exact same with the iPod Touch 5 and the newest iPad. With an /2.4 aperture and a five-element lens, it captures light efficiently to produce a sharper and brighter overall image. The FaceTime camera can also shoot images, though at a lower 1.2-megapixel resolution. It shoots 720p HD video for FaceTime chats. Among all the tablets available, no one can touch it in the respect.

Ok, I doesnt mean that you can go for the iPad Mini just for the camera function. Its just an added bonus comparing with the Google Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire. Well, since you got a good foundation, do you want to develop it with a zoom lens-Make it more like a camera? The 5-megapixel isight camera can work very well. However, its only near-sighted. Well, you can use some apps to improve the picture quality. But if you want to shoot a picture from longer distance, a zoom camera lens for iPad Mini is a nice choice. It allows to manually Focus and adjust to deliver the best shooting experience. Just imagine what an added bonus it is for people whore watching an exciting match or a famous show, or capturing a lovely moment when a little tiger plays with his mom.

And unlike a real camera zoom lens, it features much light weight with a flexible and adjustable camera telescope. It sports a detachable style with a hard case to protect the iPad Mini and pose the camera lens. It adds 12X optical magnification to your iPad Mini built-in camera and does its job of giving you a boost in distance without destroying the quality of the image, and at the same time you get the nice focusing option that gives a satisfying blur to the background or foreground of pictures. To be honest, it will be better if it comes with a tripod which normally an iPhone 5 camera lens has.
When we tested the 12X zoom lens for iPad Mini, it takes some time to focus as your hands keep shaking. Yet it will be better if you get used to it. In conclusion, its a nice extension to your iPad Mini. If you want a simple alternative to carrying around a camera with your iPad Mini that can still reach out for some satisfying photos, this is for you.