What to Store in Your Camera Bag

This topic may seem a bit redundant. After all, you are obviously going to store a camera in your camera bag, and this would seem to be the end of the discussion. However, thanks to a bevy of options offered by camera bag manufacturers, there is a seemingly endless list of storage possibilities. After reading the list below, you will likely not be surprised if it included the kitchen sink.

Camera bags are not just for cameras anymore. Consider your carrying needs and then look for a bag that meets them. Options include:

– Hybrid laptop/camera carrying bags. These are the mastermind of someone who realized that if they kept their camera close to their laptop, it would be a seamless process to download just-taken pictures onto the Internet. Wedding photographers love these bags because they can easily tote their laptop to the reception, pop in the memory card and voila! Instant ceremony slideshow. College students studying photography also enjoy the quickness with which they can now view, edit and send pictures.

– Rolling camera bags. Think luggage on wheels and youve got the general idea. These bags are suitable for the transport of thousands of dollars worth of equipment via air, land or sea. They roll effortlessly through airports both domestic and abroad. A vital piece of equipment for the person who only trusts their photography equipment to the best protection possible, these are a godsend to the professional photographer.

– Simple camera bags that store only the point-and-click staple. Those who are looking for the simplest camera bags on the market today will basically purchase a pouch. With barely enough room for the camera, these skintight containers will protect your camera but wont allow for any additional storage.

– Lens bags are small containers that are designed for just toting lenses. You likely will have little room for anything else with one of these camera bags.

– Square gadget bags look a bit like a camera lunchbox. They are rather roomy and can easily fit a professional camera inside, along with a lens or two. Most have an external pocket in which you can store money or a lens cloth.

– Modular bags are basically belts with containers attached to them. Photographers who need their equipment at the ready find these to be a wonderful way to keep lenses close. Switching back and forth between lenses is simple with these bags.