Android 2.4 Operating System Run on Htc Chacha

The Mobile manufacturing company HTC has manufactured a new smartphone namely HTC ChaCha. It is a new Facebook Smartphone unified with the simplicity, ease-to-use of the HTC Sense along with the connectivity of Facebook. This gadget has been unveiled by HTC at the Mobile World Congress and has already received a lot of popularity and has seen lot of interest by the public.

Users will be be happy to find a devoted Facebook button in the handset. This button will allow users to access the key functions of the Facebook through one-touch. The Facebook functional capabilities are integrated by the HTC Sense experience. The users of HTC ChaCha will be able to stay in contact with their fiends and family anytime and anywhere around the globe through the social networking site Facebook.

The HTC ChaCha designed with a tilt in its shape and featuring a full QWERTY keyboard provide users with easy visibility of the screen and comfortability to type with. The handset has a dual digital cameras which allows users to capture crystal clear and crisp photographs in a high definition of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The unique and technically advanced features like autofocus, LED flash, Geo-tagging, face detection make photo shooting even more enjoyable. The handset has 5 Megapixel camera along with a VGA front facing camera.

Mobile phones users will be able to witness one of the best touch screen display units in the HTC gadget. However, the gadget will come with a 2.6 inch touch screen display handling a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels and displaying 256K colors. The mobile phone is integrated with a best featured camera of 5 megapixel camera which you can instantly use for taking high resolution picture.

The phone runs on the new Android 2.4 (Gingerbread) operating system powered by 600 MHz processor. The handset with is operating system is expected to be better than the Android 2.3 operating system. This fabulous device will carry an internal memory of 512 MB ROM and 512 MB RAM which is further expandable with microSD up to 32GB.It is reported that people can avail HTC ChahCha in the markets of European and Asian during Q2 2011and the brand plans to launch this unique phone in the US market by later this year.

The Features and Benefits.The EGG photo 360 Degree lense

Egg solution offers the EGG photo 360 degree lens technology for real estate, tourism, photographers, car showcasing and others. With the use of the EGG photo 3600 lens Images on your portal, you can start advertising your brand on the net and improve your business. The EGG photo 360 lens is totally different from fisheye lens and panoramic lens. It offers you convenience and ease of use when compared to the other type of lenses.


EGG Photo Lens:

Optical 360 Attachment Lens
Capture Virtual Tour during Your Listing Presentation in One Shot
FREE Adaptor rings kit
Lens is compatible with numerous digital cameras
Instant Virtual Tour One shot Lens
Control and Capture your Virtual Tour

EGG Photo360 Software:

Download Your Virtual Tours from your digital Camera
Create Your Virtual Tour Listings
Burn Unlimited Virtual Tours on CD’s and DVD’s
Email Custom Virtual Tours Listings to Prospects and Customers
Save as a Multimedia Presentations without Plug in
No Fees / No Keys
No Plug in is required
Unlimited Virtual Tours
Auto spin Virtual Tour
No Stitching
Create a Virtual tour embedded in an executable file

Java Viewer:

The Image Control Bar allows you extra control over each image in your tour
Mac and PC Compatible
you can zoom in or out of the picture
Start and Stop Panning Scenes


Easy to use
Support many files format
Instantly generates interactive 360 images that can be viewed in your internet browser
Generate email able EGG tours
Easy process to integrate your Virtual Tours into your website
Image automatic calibration
Burn your Tours on a CD or save them on your PC
360 panoramas as easy as standard photos!
Take it everywhere
Compatible with numerous digital cameras
Ultra Light – Powerful

Package content:
Your Package contains all necessary tools to start and get your first Virtual Tour. Check below:

.EGG lens
.EGG Photo 360 Software V.2.0
.Multi-ring adapter kit
.Specially designed carrying case
.Microfiber lens cleaner
.User guide

All about Camera

As the name suggests a wide – angled conversion camera lens is the most suitable feature which helps to remove any restrictions when it comes to having the ability to take photos with a wider view field. Advanced technology has made it possible to come up with such a sophisticated camera lens. You will notice how important a wide camera lens is when you use a digital camera. This is because digital cameras have an already fixed and limited wide angle setting. This will therefore limit you on the photos you can take.

As earlier stated technology has made it possible for people to take photos of a large number of people without cutting anyone out due to limitations in wide- range. This was a major problem with the old fashioned camera lens. But now, thanks to the latest camera lens, you can now line up your family for a photo session and not get into any trouble with your family members as a result of cutting them off the picture. The Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens has up to 0.45x wide angle camera lens.

This Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens is most suitable for taking outdoor photos as well as group shots. You can also use it to take indoor photo. This wide angled camera lens will make it possible to get different views of the same area since you can take the photos in different angles.

Other than removing all the wide angle restrictions, the Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens also allows the user to take photos during the day and also at night. This has been made possible due to the fact that this camera lens has a feature that allows it to take very clear photos due to the availability of very powerful lighting and transmitting with almost nil distortion.

You can now take the best photos without having any image distortions with the help of a powerful wide angled camera lens. This can even be done in the middle of the dark or with total darkness. These advanced and latest types of camera lens produce very powerful lighting which makes it possible to take photos without any distortion. The wide- angled lens also helps to increase the angle thereby preventing any image cut offs. With these lenses, you don’t have to think about the light, time or anything else, as it works equally efficiently in any such conditions.

Be Careful About Preteen Models

Preteen models should be very careful about their diet. This is because of the great significance of their growing age. In fact, preteens need be groomed under the care of their parents or guardians. Preteen modeling assumes more importance now than ever before. This is because of the growing market for products catering to the needs of children. Hence, product and service companies are vying with each other to grab a better market share and child models representing the myriad of regional, racial and related identities are in great demand today. Seeing the success of some celebrity preteen models, more and more children and their parents show interest in modeling today. Child models should be careful about a lot of tings in their grooming and proper diet assumes much significance.

Preteen models should be careful about their grooming. As they are young children who have not attained sufficient maturity, the parents or guardians should take a keen interest in grooming them. Both the parents and the child should be well informed about the latest developments in the field across the world. Then only they can take the needed steps to keep pace with the changing trends. The required information they can gather through the media. The Internet is a good source of accessing information regarding modeling. Also, modeling and lifestyle magazines can be of immense help. As modeling is becoming more and more regionalized, it is necessary to be informed about both the international and regional trends in the field. Preteen models should be associated with some modeling agencies in the locality and they should participate in whatever modeling assignments they can get.

Another thing the preteen models are to be careful about is to keep a good portfolio. A free online portfolio may also be arranged with the association of some leading modeling agency. This will facilitate the profile and portfolio of the aspirant being seen by the industry professionals and others related with the field. Special attention need be paid as to the quality of photographs put in the portfolio. This aspect should not be overlooked. It is of paramount significance that your portfolio photographs are of the best quality. Often, you may be tempted to put the easily available snaps that are handy for you. These easily available photos may have been shot in a haphazard and random situation and process and as such they may not be of the best quality and thereby may fail to showcase your best modeling accomplishments and features.

The Role Of Megapixel In A Digital Camera

By awareness the function of megapixel in a digital camera, you will be able to buy the finest option at the cheapest rate. Even beginners will be able to opt a better camera.

Higher the megapixel count, better is photo-quality?

This is one of the most misunderstood impression about rating of digital camera and their photo excellence. Consider a mosaic of tiles, each megapixel is like a tile and a mosaic of these tiles make a picture clearer. That is all right, but it doesn’t mean that picture taken by a 10 or 12 or 50 megapixel camera will be more sharp than a 3 megapixel camera, because for most practical purposes, 3 megapixel quality is good enough. At the most you may require 6 – 8 megapixel for photo-quality as appears in magazines. Anything ahead of that isn’t of much use to a non-professional photographer.
One megapixel is like one tile. When a picture is taken, the CCD or CMOS sensor in the camera receives an array of such tiles to create an image. It then converts it to electrical signals which are processed to deliver a picture. An array of 2048*1536 generates a pixel count of 31,45,728 pixel which is amount to to 3.1 megapixel.

What affects the quality of pictures then?

The quality of the lens, the algorithms used to make the photo from raw data composed by the sensor and the focusing mechanism are some of the other factors that affect the final result.
It should also be considered, how large is the sensor in the camera. Consumer digital cameras have tiny image sensors. They are measured in microns. A micron is a millionth of a meter. Most sensors in consumer cameras are less than 10 microns. It is kept so so as to decrease the size of the camera so you can carry it in your pocket.

DSLR cameras have larger sensors. The main disadvantages of a smaller sensor is that it generate images with more noise than a large sensor. If you have to focus on a small area, it is difficult to do with a small sensor. Further, any shaking in handling the camera is blown up in a small sensor.

That means in right hand, with a appropriate sized sensor, a 6 MP camera is also good enough. In few scenarios a larger megapixel count may be useful, but for general purposes, it is not required.

In what scenario is a higher megapixel beneficial?

If you have to take the photograph of an airplane or a bird flying at a distance and you starting zooming with a digital camera, use digital zoom to reach it, the picture becomes granular. This is a typical defect of the digital zoom. In such a case, if you have a higher megapixel count, you won’t need the digital zoom.

Buy wisely choosing the appropriate megapixel rating you will be able to get a cheapest yet a better digital camera.

The Very Best Feature Canon Powershot S95 Pocket Camera

If you are hunting greatest image quality including pocket camera, Powershot S95 is the great option. By number one image sensor, and a brighter than most contact lens, this small shooter delivers beautiful shots in almost all lighting conditions without a flash.

Canon did good task make the Canon S95 tiny than the previous version, yet which includes a bright lens and wider sensor and sensitivity than the other camera. Dressed all in black, the boldest element on the Canon S95 would be the bright white Canon logo, embossed just as this is certainly over the company’s electronic digital SLRs.

The S95 contact lens flange does protrude additional than the company’s various pocket cameras, but that is understandable, and in that case, useful. The knurled ring surrounding the lens is the multi-purpose Control Ring, which you can re program by press the Ring button next to the Power button. These two buttons, incidentally, are now put in their right positions, with the power button beside the shutter button, where we have been trained to expect it.

The S95 have no grip, however the texture in the camera is a little rougher to enhance the grip. It’s not an enormous improvement, though, so if it is hard for you to hold, consider an aftermarket stick-on grip. More on this, and how it affects the overall use in the digital camera, later.

Which includes a 3. 0-inch diagonal and 460, 000-dot resolution, the Canon Powershot S95 LCD is definitely amazing to behold, using up each and every the space on a back in the digital camera. The LCD does seem to work good in sunlight. There is some reflection, so if you have trouble with glare, it is there, but it is not bad at all. Go on an alpine trip and also you may be disappointed, but here in Georgia on the bright sunny day, the Powershot S95 LCD is great for framing and reviewing pictures.

The most compelling feature on the Canon S95 is the best quality, great contact lens. The f/2 designation indicates which the Powershot S95 can easily gather twice as much light at wide-angle being a camera whose widest aperture is f/2. 8 at wide-angle, because it’s a whole stop difference between the two. That means you can use a faster shutter speed in low light than you would with most electronic digital camera, which is much better for indoor and night photos and image what have you taken.

Memory card choices include SD, SDHC, and now SDXC. Also supported are MMC, MMCplus, and HC MMCplus cards. The PowerShot S95 draws power from a proprietary NB-6L lithium-ion battery power pack. Battery power life is a little lower than average, at approximately 200 shots, down from the S90’s 220 shots.

Technical of Pregnancy photos

The photograph of pregnant women is something that delights any photographer. That’s because we know we’re recording a unique and magical moment in any woman’s life. Therefore it is important to do everything pretty good taste and creativity, taking care of every detail, from the location to the costumes. Schedule the test with all the details and take the clothes and right accessories is key to a good essay. Remember that the new mom wants to look beautiful and feel enlightened. Some care is needed: avoid poses that let fat mama, do not force the father to participate in the trial, not to force the mother to spend energy, feed and care for her with all the love. From a technical standpoint, it is important to have good equipment for studio and lenses ranging from macro lenses to telezoom. In each test, using specific lenses: 85mm 1.2, 70-200mm 2.8, 28-70mm 2.8 or 100mm 2.8 macro. The accessories are also important to set the scene: slates, ribbons, dolls, shoes, everything is welcome. Send to a customer with a list of important items for the test. Normally, she is in a state of much anxiety that you will not remember to take almost anything on the day of the test. Eternize this moment in the most affectionate possible. Choose a location that is not steep, which allows the customer to walk and do effort. Take an assistant to help and always seek to use natural light to brighten even more the beauty of the new mom. In all tests, talk a lot with your client and try to listen it what kind of photography pregnant she likes best. This direct communication enables you do not miss and do not make pictures that she will not like. More important than knowing what it is like to know what she likes. Praise your client make her feel unique. Pregnancy changes a woman’s body too and she wont feel ugly. The photos will be used to help your self-esteem. So, think long before saying that a pose is correct or not. The words may have a much greater force than you think. Use them to motivate and brighten your lovely customer.

Adriana Gonalves lives in Belo Horizonte since 2007 and is a photographer. Opened his studio for less than 2 years and also writes for blog p>

Mike Leigh Classic Movies Naked

The worst thing in life is loneliness.

For those who never experienced this truism, Mike Leighs movie its a must see. A necessity. For those who experience loneliness every day, this movie could be a comfort, an assurance. You are not the only one feeling miserable. There are a lot of great movies dealing with loneliness The Collector, Fight Club, One Hour Photo, Taxi Driver, just to name a few, but Naked its one of its kind. It is one of those movies that hit you hard when you watch them, a dark, bleak and uncompromising fable about alienation and about what it means to be lonely, to live your life like a shadow. Watch this movie and you will understand, maybe, how does it feel to live your life knowing that nobody really gives a damn about you. The absence of the human contact…

Naked is the story of Johnny (David Thewlis, who makes the role of his life here, I think), an incredibly intelligent and severely caustic man, with an inclination towards philosophical discourse on every subject, who flees Manchaster for London to avoid a beating from the family of a girl he has raped. There he finds an old girlfriend, and spends some time homeless, making contact with some interesting characters, including a night watchman, two young Scots, a young waitress, all of them alienated and lonely. All of them are society rejects, trying to cope with their everyday numbness and alienation.

The movie reminded me of Scorseses Taxi Driver, dealing with similar issues, the philosophy of desperation, the alienation of the human being in an indifferent society.
This movie is a lesson. Watch it as often as you can and think for a moment about all those issues. Experience at least for 2 hours what it means to be lonely. For some people its a lifetime experience 10/10

Click here to see full review and trailer

Manage a Photo Blog

Have you ever pondered running a blog that features largely photos? Should you have, the excellent news is it’s not definitely any more challenging than operating a weblog that mainly concentrates on text. Putting images up on a typical basis is really an excellent method to get some originality into your site and is really a wonderful method to express your self.

Numerous experienced photography lovers employ blogs to exhibit their abilities but at the exact same time you’ll find a lot of newbie photographers and hobbyists who utilize the medium to illustrate their particular skills with a digital camera.

The selection of photo blogs you run into whilst browsing online is very diverse and acts to exhibit the broad range of abilities between photography fans of all talent levels. Should you have got your shiny new digital SLR camera, you may go out and take some images, and have them submitted to your blog site in no time at all. This is what makes the a variety of weblog systems such a fantastic medium, and it seriously is so straightforward to take benefit of.

There could be no wider audience for your pictures than the World wide web, and when you post the links to your photos on camera enthusiasts websites, it’s a good method to get constructive and not so constructive criticism. For the exact same reason you are able to use other people’s photo blogs to attempt to acquire some ideas on tips on how to enhance your own photography.

1 of the very best things in regards to the Net is that it permits people to discover how other persons live in faraway locations, and by means of photo blogging, it is possible to give men and women a view into your regional community, village, or country everyday life. So, instead of reading this, get out there with your camera and get snapping and publishing.

This is a fine website for detailed advice and information on all sorts of blogging and blogging tools

A Good Photographer For Wedding

Evr couple wnt t tur thir wedding moments perfectly t save time and capture events in memory. Th wnt thir pictures t b amazing th wdding. For this reason, it is very imrtnt to hire a professional htgrhr t cover th vnt. Wdding htgrh Jmi has undrgn many hng vr th r. With th development in thnlg, different tl f htgrh hv vlvd. Wdding photography tur nt nl th colors, mtin nd ntimnt invlvd in wdding but l th fun and frli part.

Hire a Gd and Exrind Phtgrhr

Hir a photographer who i nt only professional nd experienced but l has package that fits ur budgt. It i imrtnt t do rr research and mt thm in rn. Pri m vary from htgrhr t photographer, but you mut nur that you r gtting what u are paying fr. A rfinl wdding photographer n make a big diffrn t your img. Th knw their business wll nd n bring ut the bt f every event. There r a numbr f thing tht nd t b nidrd nd vr minut dtil nd attention, nd nl a rfinl would b able t do justice t ll th ftr invlvd.

It is advisable t t u a mting with the htgrhr nd viit him in person before hiring. Hv a lk t th rtfli h has nd l th t f mr h will b uing fr th event. Thi will give u a bttr idea f thing nd you will know wht exactly to expect frm him. On u have md u ur mind but a wdding htgrhr, you nd t wrk tgthr with him bfr th wdding d. Diu with him th tl u wnt and l what id h has in mind. Al show him th vnu of th wdding tht h n ln things rdingl. Diuing every minute dtil in dvn will hl you get the dird rult. You n l set up a mting of th photographer with th wdding lnnr nd th mku artist, so that they n rdint things properly.

How t Find a Good Photographer?

Photography kg fr wdding in Jamaica can il b fund in ll directories and llw pages. Yu can also find thm online mn of them hv their own sites lbrting their wrk nd xrin. You n rd th testimonials lft b thir rviu lint. If u want, u can ask fr rmmndtin frm frind or family mmbr wh recently got married.

Wdding i once in a liftim event, and taking th rvi f a rfinl photographer to d wedding htgrh kg Jmi n hl u keep memories liv for a lng tim.