The Top Rated Telephoto Lens Reviews For Canon SLR Cameras

Canon is the highest rated brand when it comes to camera lenses, and they have a wide collection of highly rated products on the Amazon shopping website coming in all zoom sizes and shapes. Let us take a look at some of their top lenses including their best lens which has around 1300 customer ratings and holds an amazing 4 and a half star rating. If you search through the lenses Canon has to offer you will be sure to find the right lens to use with your camera. Just make sure to read the product information fully to make sure that the lens you choose to buy will surely work on your camera.

One of the best canon lenses has a 4 and a half star review on the Amazon shopping site with nearly two hundred customer ratings. The Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Lens for Canon EOS SLR Cameras is a high priced lens, however this is for good reasons. Such a price buys you increased distance, speed and clarity. A flood of flawless 5 star shopper ratings can be searched through to affirm that this product is worth every nickle and meets every need. Its ability with relation to weight and size is noteworthy, as well as the image stabilizing feature to top it off. This is surely one of the best canon lens products on the internet.

We can’t forget to mention another outstanding 5 star rated product. The Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM Medium Telephoto Lens for Canon SLR Cameras has about 170 customer ratings and yet it holds a perfect 5 star rating. It can be extremely difficult to find products on Amazon with five star ratings among so many reviews. Therefore this lens is very impressive. This is a medium ranged telephoto lens that enables easier portability. Customers report that it gives such an outstandingly crisp view of the focused item due to how well it blurs the background. It is priced very high, although it must be for good reasons as it has earned a perfect 5 star rating from shoppers. Obviously one of the top canon lens products.

Make sure to browse the Amazon site and read about the different canon lens products before deciding on which to buy. The last thing you want is to get a product that you are unhappy with and regret purchasing, however it seems by the wide array of outstanding shopper feedback this appears like it would be hard to do. Just read some of the customer reviews for yourself and they will tell you the goods and bads of each product which will make your choice much easier. These have only been a few of Canon’s products currently listed on the internet. There are many more to choose from.


Killdeer birds are cute rather plump birds with rather long legs for their little bodies. They like to run in the open ground rather then fly over it. Seem they feel that they will miss some tasty morsel. They have a shrill kill-deer call that sometimes hurts the human ear. It most assuredly hurts other birds and wild life in the area. Killdeer are strange birds, they like or rather prefer open grassy and rocky areas that are not always by waterways.

With your binoculars take some time and look for general markings and characteristics, things that you notice right off. Do not spend a lot of time trying to memorize different aspects of the Killdeers. Just look for general information and then you will be able to quickly recognize what group these birds belong to by noticing size, general shape, colors and their behavior.

I suggest that you keep a note book of these characteristics. You can add to it from time to time. This will help you understand and learn. But be patient and note things only one at a time. Otherwise you may get tired and discouraged because you cant remember everything at once. It will all come in time as you watch these birds. Also take a look at the field marks such as a wingbar and eyering markings to tie some IDs down.

Please remember also to note what time of year you see them as well as other kinds of birds you see in your neighborhood. Then you will be able to keep track of them better next year when the return.

A good field book on birds will help, but do not try to memorize everything in it all at once. Just learn about your specific bird of interest.


Size & Shape
A large fat plover with large bill, large eye, and round head; long legs
Color Pattern
Golden brown color above with two dark bands across the white breast
Likes to run swiftly along the ground or will break into stiff-winged flight, has a shrill kill-deer call
Prefers open grassy and rocky areas, often far from water, including parking lots, lawns, and driveways


As the name suggests a wide – angled conversion camera lens is the most suitable feature which helps to remove any restrictions when it comes to having the ability to take photos with a wider view field. Advanced technology has made it possible to come up with such a sophisticated camera lens. You will notice how important a wide camera lens is when you use a digital camera. This is because digital cameras have an already fixed and limited wide angle setting. This will therefore limit you on the photos you can take. >

As earlier stated technology has made it possible for people to take photos of a large number of people without cutting anyone out due to limitations in wide- range. This was a major problem with the old fashioned camera lens. But now, thanks to the latest camera lens, you can now line up your family for a photo session and not get into any trouble with your family members as a result of cutting them off the picture. The Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens has up to 0.45x wide angle camera lens.

This Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens is most suitable for taking outdoor photos as well as group shots. You can also use it to take indoor photo. This wide angled camera lens will make it possible to get different views of the same area since you can take the photos in different angles.

Other than removing all the wide angle restrictions, the Massa portable 30.5mm wide angle conversion lens also allows the user to take photos during the day and also at night. This has been made possible due to the fact that this camera lens has a feature that allows it to take very clear photos due to the availability of very powerful lighting and transmitting with almost nil distortion.

You can now take the best photos without having any image distortions with the help of a powerful wide angled camera lens. This can even be done in the middle of the dark or with total darkness. These advanced and latest types of camera lens produce very powerful lighting which makes it possible to take photos without any distortion. The wide- angled lens also helps to increase the angle thereby preventing any image cut offs. With these lenses, you don’t have to think about the light, time or anything else, as it works equally efficiently in any such conditions.

Deciphering Lens Categories. Lenslocker camera hire and lens hire.

Having the right lens can really help to improve your photography and give you a real sense of creative control over what youre trying to achieve. But choosing the right lens can be a complicated task especially when terminology and categorisation of lenses between manufacturers isnt always consistent. As a camera and camera lens hire company we get a lot of people asking for advice about what type of lens they should hire for a particular job and we endeavour to provide them with consistent and practical advice to help them make the right decision.

To remove the mystery and help reduce confusion we adopt a relatively simple approach to the categorisation of lenses and we focus on focal length. The focal length of a lens determines its angle of view and therefore how much the subject will be magnified for a given photographic position. Wide-angle lenses have short focal lengths (e.g. 10-20mm) while telephoto lenses have longer focal lengths (e.g. 70-200mm).

The details below provides an overview of lens categorisation according to their focal length and an idea of what you might use that lens for. Please note that the focal lengths listed are just rough ranges and actual uses may vary considerably as people will use a lens that feels comfortable for them and it doesnt always fit into what is outlined below.

Lens focal length:

Lens focal length: 21-35mm. Category: Wide Angle. Photography style: Landscape.

Lens focal length: 35-70mm. Category: Normal. Photography style: Landscape, Weddings & Documentary.

Lens focal length: 70-130mm. Category: Medium Telephoto. Photography style: Portraiture.

Lens focal length: >130mm. Category: Telephoto. Photography style: Sports & Wildlife.

Of course there are always other factors to consider when choosing the right lens including cost, size, weight and lens speed, hopefully the information above will help reduce the confusion over what type of lens you might need.

Ray Ban Mirror Lens

With a variety of protective Ray Ban eye-wear to choose from, mirror sunglasses stand out by giving advanced protection from the sun, as well as minimizing glare. The tinted Ray Ban lenses are thickened with a reflective optical coating, usually a gold, blue, silver or copper glaze. Called a mirror or flash coating, it stops light from passing through, better protecting eyes from irreversible damage. Due to the reflective property, a one-way mirror effect is created. The wearer can see through the lens, but the outside world sees a reflection. These Ray ban sunglasses are far more effective in blocking Ultraviolet rays and High-Energy Visible Light than traditional sunglasses. Regular sunglasses rely on a dark tint to shield the light, letting harmful UV rays through. Ray ban Mirror sunglasses use tint as well as reflection, giving additional UV protection from other sunglasses, ranging anywhere from 10% to 60% less exposure.

Ray ban Mirror sunglasses continue to maintain their immense popularity among both celebrities and non-celebrities. They combine fashion and practicality due to their specific mirrored style and high level of protection from harmful sun rays. There are many famous people who wear Ray Ban mirror sunglasses, contributing to their continued popularity. They are the most common sunglasses worn by celebrities because of their stylish appearance, ability to eliminate eye contact and protection of their eyes from the flashes of paparazzi cameras. Celebrities who define their style with Ray Ban mirrored sunglasses are Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Lenny Kravitz, Eva Longoria and many more.

These Ray Ban sunglasses have been making various fashion statements for several decades, appearing everywhere from major motion pictures to professional sports arenas. Many people know them as “cop shades,” due to their popularity with police. Mirror shades are considered to give a psychological upper hand, as they hide the eyes, disabling people from reading the wearer’s expressions. This also presents the ability to hide dark circles and red, puffy eyes. They are most commonly seen in Aviator form, such as the ones worn by characters in The Matrix trilogy, as well as police forces. The other style is a wraparound, having the appearance of goggles, which are popular with athletes. While available in various colors, blue and yellow tints have been shown to enhance visibility.

Sex Bathroom Spy Camera Motion Detection Hidden Spy Toothbrush camera 1280×960 DVR 32GB×960-dvr-32gb.html This is a mini Toothbrush spy camera that looks like an ordinary can of Toothbrush. The camera is so well hidden that no one will know that the Toothbrush actually contains a mini bathroom spy camera. Because it is so well hidden, you can put it anywhere, even in the bathroom, and no one will be suspicious. With this camera, you are able to record everything that happens while you are gone. Thieves and intruders will never suspect that this Toothbrush contains a hidden camera that is capturing their every move. You don’t have to worry about thieves or your child’s babysitter any longer. With this camera, you can help to keep your family and home safe.


1. As Toothbrush spy camera, shooting of camouflage technologies and quality is very important. The pinhole camera we used technology lens. The camera is not visible wires, plugs, or buttons, even trained professionals will not be able to tell you, this Toothbrush is a hidden camera. Spy camera resolution of 1280 960. There is no doubt that you can from this product high-quality video. Another important thing is the shooting time. In order to increase 32GB storage card, the recording time as set by the inside of the large-capacity battery. On this basis, the camera can work continuously for about 15-18 hours. You can secretly so easy to get a very long and exciting video. It can provide you with an ordinary camera, and can not provide a powerful video evidence. This is the ideal choice for a real CIA agents, police, detector, and spy agency.

2. The camera has a motion detection function.


1) What is the motion detection function?

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Finepix X100 Combining Classic Appearance and Contemporary Camera’s technologies

Finepix X100 has turn out to be one of probably the most awaited cameras because it was announced last year. This camera provides a hybrid viewfinder along with a body style which will have powerful appeal to vintage camera fans. The accurate enjoyment of photography begins with “the pleasure of seeing the world via a viewfinder”. The new Hybrid Viewfinder has been developed to reintroduce users to this important camera expertise. Fujifilm X100 combines the window-type “bright frame” optical viewfinder discovered in rangefinder-type film cameras like the classic 135-size or medium-format cameras, and also the electronic viewfinder program incorporated in fixed single lens or mirror-less digital cameras.

Theres no mistaking what Fujifilms style team had been thinking when they produced the X100. Its two-tone body and analogue-style controls hark back to old rangefinder compacts, and it doesnt take a look at all out of location within the business of these 1970s classics. Both Olympus and Leica have lately released retro-styled little cameras within the shape of the E-P1/2 and X1, but the X100 takes the idea to a entire various level. Its flash is even placed within the exact same position as was as soon as occupied by rangefinder windows. The Finepix X100 is distinctly smaller and much more portable than any DSLR fitted having a similarly-fast lens.

By integrating a prism for the 1,440,000 dot LCD panel image on the viewing screen within the reverse-Galilean optical finder, the Hybrid Viewfinder can show both the shooting frame along with a selection of shooting information. Obviously, it may also be utilized as a high-quality electronic viewfinder to compose or playback shots. With this capability to immediately switch between optical and electronic viewfinder images with easy “one touch” control, the new Hybrid Viewfinder provides users expanded freedom within the composition and enjoyment of photography in a wide range of difficult shooting conditions. Let’s see the key functions of Fujifilm Finepix X100 below:

Key functions

– 12 megapixel APS-C sized CMOS sensor

– Fixed 23mm F2 lens (field of view equivalent to a 35mm lens on full frame)

– 2.8″ LCD screen, four:three aspect ratio, 460,000 dots

– Hybrid optical / electronic viewfinder

– OVF with 0.5x magnification, projected framelines indicate approx 90% of field of view

– EVF with ca 0.5x magnification, 1,440,000 dots

– Traditional-style control dials for shutter
speed, aperture and exposure compensation
– ISO 100 (L), 200-6400, 12800 (H)

– Flash hot shoe and built-in flash

– Built-in neutral density filter (three stops)

– 1280×720 HD movie recording with stereo sound.

Overall the Finepix X100 has an unusually consistent style philosophy, and it is refreshing to see a camera that is so firmly dedicated to the procedure of merely capturing images, with out unnecessary fripperies.

Adobe Photoshop Cs4 Reviewed

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is the latest upgrade to the Photoshop line. You might think that the CS3 version is already very comprehensive, but Adobe has managed to come up with new features. More than just minor updates, this version is packed with new and enhanced features reprogrammed to be faster and more efficient.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: Interface

The whole package loads up very quickly and feels snappy. It comes with a revamped interface, but the layout isn’t a lot different from CS3. You’ll still find your favorite tools in the usual places. There are just some modifications.

For example, the main bar on top of the window now contains the common tools such as selection, zoom, and rotate for easier access. Adobe Photoshop CS4 also supports OpenGL for better 3D performance.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: Mask Panel and Adjustment Panel

You will see new additions on the right hand side of the screen the mask panel and adjustment panel. The mask panel is where you will find common masking tools for pixel and vector masks. The adjustment panel is where you will find layer adjustment tools to adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, and etc.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: Rotating, Zooming, and Scaling

You can now rotate the image while editing without affecting the final image. This new feature is especially convenient when you use a graphic tablet for drawing.

The OpenGL integration makes zooming through images smoother. Even at the highest zoom settings, you can still make fine adjustments.

Resizing photos is also easier. A new feature called content-aware scaling lets you resize photos with very minimal change or distortion to the image. You can even specify the scaling reference point and the area to protect.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: Improved Features

And of course, the existing features weren’t left out. They were also altered for improved performance. The clone stamp tool now efficiently shows a preview of the pixels to be copied. You can also see a preview of the brush size and easily switch to other sizes.
The auto-align and auto blend function have also been enhanced so the pictures you compile come out very smooth and well-blended. You can now turn a bunch of similar pictures into 360-degree panoramas.

Adobe Photoshop CS4: Raw Format

The camera raw plug-in has also been improved. Similar tools found in Lightroom 2.0 can now be used in Photoshop CS4 and Bridge. You will have quicker and more intuitive ways of processing these large, unadjusted files.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 is not just upgraded with improved functions, it comes with new core features that puts it on top of its game. This remains the digital photo software to beat.